Learning Resources

The Amazing Slow Downer: Slow down those tricky licks and solos to a manageable speed and retune tracks to different keys

MusicTheory.net: A very useful interactive ear training and music theory website

iRealPro: Software that lets you create your own midi backing tracks and chord charts


Registry of Guitar Teachers (RGT): Offers grade exams in acoustic, electric and bass guitar

Popular Music Theory: Grades for contemporary music theory

Local Celebrities

Manchester Guitar Tech: Guitar setups and repair

Owen Electronics: Amp and pedal repairs

Marvel Guitars: My friendly local music shop in Timperley

The Creamery: Custom guitar pickups handmade in Manchester

Friends and Affiliates

Guitar Lessons East London: Take guitar lessons, buy lesson gift vouchers or find recommended guitars for learning in East London

Lewis Gabb: Professional guitar teacher in Bristol